Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free to be... Happy

I love they way I feel during a run. It's like everything is completely lifted into the atmosphere while I move through the air, leaving the negativity behind. There's something very cathartic about the lightness that running evokes.

On Saturday I ran through Northern Virginia and into Old Towne Alexandria. For those who don't know the area, Alexandria is one of the most historic (and in my opinion, beautiful) areas of the country. George Washington referred to it as his hometown, and many of our founding fathers frequented the area in which I am fortunate enough to run.

To be honest, I don't know if I could classify Saturday's run as that, but more as a scenic moving tour along the Potomac River. At one point, I stopped to look out across the river and could clearly see the National Monument and the Capitol Building. It was breathtaking.

I thought of the people who worked to have this city built, and for those who drove the United States to become one of the most powerful nations in history.

The root of it all? Happiness.

People came here for freedom -- freedom of religion, freedom from taxation. People came for land, and for opportunity, and for wealth. People came for resources and a chance at a new life. But they all came here to be happy.

I know my happiness is the only thing that will and ever should really matter to me. If our founding fathers and our ancestors came from oppression and poverty to attain happiness, I know I can also do whatever it takes to make myself happy. I'm never going to settle for anything that I shouldn't have to, and I'm never going to let my opportunities depend on another person.

I'm better off this way.

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