Monday, September 13, 2010

Europe Bound

My brother Sean is Mr. World Traveler Extraordinaire. He has backpacked through Europe (twice), lived in Barcelona, and ventured into South and Central America more times than I can even count.

I've always really admired Sean's ability to pick up and leave to follow his passions. For example, Sean recently left a stable job to live in Panama and start his own business. I think his past travels have made him so well rounded, and demonstrated his abilities to adapt to foreign cultures.

When I graduated college, Sean would tell me to take some time off and travel; experience the world. Clearly, I didn't. I got a job, made some money, and fell into the routine of the day-to-day real life.

I can't say I regret my decision to not travel because it gave me the opportunity to save some money and build my resume credentials so I could move to DC. However, I have had moments where I wondered what it would have been like to travel the way my brother had when he was my age.

I was lying in bed last night thinking about how much I would have liked to experience Europe, but never did because of money, relationships, time, extensive planning, etc., etc., etc. There's always an excuse not to do something.

So I am taking this opportunity to officially announce that I am going to Europe next summer! I haven't thought much about my plans, or where I will find the money to do this, but I am absolutely going.

If you have any suggestions on places to visit, or if you would like to join -- please let me know. I am also accepting donations, with checks payable to the Caitlin Wolters European Adventure Fund. So please, donate generously.

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